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    C & C Wins Industry Cares Award

    On the 26th, Sep, 2017, C&C was awarded an “Industry Cares” certificate by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), which aims to give recognition to the company’s significant efforts in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

    In this recognition scheme, C&C received affirmation and encouragement on corporate social responsibility by three programs: Mcdull Charity Run, Hong Chi Association - Hong Chi Integrative Rehabilitation Complex, VTC Earn & Learn.

    Mcdull Charity Run

    Mcdull Charity Run which organized by The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong was held in the Hong Kong Science Park on the 26th, March, 2017. 11 staff of C&C participated in 10 km (business group) and 3 km women's group respectively.

    Zigaaudaai, a brand under the Subsidiary Company of C&C: Spring Innovative Workshop, designed three special edition of tape and 3D trophy of Mcdull to sponsor the Charity Run.

    Hong Chi Association - Hong Chi Integrative Rehabilitation Complex

    C&C support Hong Chi Integrative Rehabilitation Complex in many ways includes joining the Charity Climbathon, purchasing the dinner service, cleaning service, etc. which help the intellectual disabilities have the opportunity to develop their potential and contribute to society.

    VTC Earn & Learn

    The Vice-chairman of Hong Kong Printers Association, CEO of C&C, Jackson Leung, responded positively to the call of the government to combine education with work. Hong Kong Printers Association cooperates with VTC to launch the Earn & Learn scheme, providing printing foundation course and on-the-job training to attract the teenagers devote themselves in the printing industry.

    During the scheme period, C&C provide salaries and scholarship for students as well as the Government provides subsidies for them. After the completion of the program, the student can obtain the opportunity to work in C&C if he/she is excellent. C&C wants to nurture some young talents in printing industries by the implementation of the program.

    The FHKI set up the Committee on Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to advocate and encourage members to pursue CSR. The Committee launched “Industry Cares” in 2013 to encourage members’ participation in CSR activities and to recognize their efforts in this area. The Judging Panel is comprised of representatives from the Government, Social service organization, Academia, Caring Partners, FHKI General Committee and CSR Committee. Its duty is to appraise whether the activities reported by member companies qualify as CSR activities, and to select the winners based on the scope, resources dedicated, initiations, creativity and creating shared values of three of the most outstanding CSR projects.

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