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    C & C won 36 Premier Print Awards in 2017

    The 2017 Printing Industries of America (PIA) announced the result of 2017 Premier Print Award Competition. C & C keeps going to make another success in this competition. A total of 36 awards were awarded to C & C, comprising 4 Benny Award (Best of Category), 16 Award of Recognition and 16 Certificate of Merit. The winning products, appreciated by PIA, came from different categories.

    C & C beats other competitors in the world this year again and won a total of 36 awards. 2017 Desk calendar, Gift set, Geronimo Stilton Book and Wedding photograph won Benny Awards in different categories. C & C keeps its records of having ever won these “Oscar Awards in the Printing Industry” for 21 consecutive years with a total of 75 Benny Awards achieved since 1997.

    Winner of Benny Award:

    Entry: 2017 Desk calendar

    Category: Diaries and Desk Calendars

    Company: C & C Joint Printing Co., (H.K.) Ltd.

    Description: 2017 calendar in a luggage, themed with Work-Life Balance, is showing the craftsmanship of C & C on packaging and post-press fields. There are twelve Asia scene attractions for four seasons travelling. Specialty Inks, UV varnishing, flocking and micro-jet printing are used when producing this calendar.

    Entry: Gift set

    Category: Cards

    Company: C & C Offset Printing Co., Ltd.

    Description: Four different cards respectively stand for love, peace, bliss and prosperity. Gold stamping, UV varnishing, scoring can be found in this card. With a folding design, the card can be put into an exclusive envelope.

    Entry: Geronimo Stilton Book

    Category: Specialty Inks or Coatings, Fragrances, or “Invisible” Printing Inks

    Company: C & C Offset Printing Co., Ltd.

    Description: A children’s book with eight specialty inks, including sulfur flavor, sea breeze flavor, cigarette flavor, grass flavor, strawberry flavor, pine tree flavor, rose flavor and racecourse flavor.

    Entry: Wedding photograph

    Category: Customized / Personalized / Variable-Data Digital Printing

    Company: C & C Joint Printing Co., (Guangdong) Ltd.

    Description: Wedding photograph is a stylish album with high resolution photos. Premier binding board is the key material of this album. It can ensure that the album does not deform by thumbing when time goes by.

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