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    HKPIWU visit tour to C & C

    An event of cerebrating 80th Anniversary of Hong Kong Printing Industry Workers Union (HKPIWU) is to visit C & C Joint Printing Co., (Guangdong) Ltd. (CCGD) on February 25. The Vice Chairmen of HKPIWU, Mr. LOK Wai-ho and Mr. CHAN Chung-yung, led a visit tour comprising over 20 representatives of different printing companies. General Manager Office of CCGD, Mr. CHEN Qiu-sheng and Mr. Du Ke, and Manager of Technology & Quality Department, Mr. NG Cham-Sek, accompanied the delegation to visit CCGD.

    The visit enables the delegation to gain a better understanding of the history, business scope, development and direction of C & C. The delegation took an opportunity to visit workshops of sheet-fed printing and web printing. In the showroom of Digital Printing Centre, a wonderful experience was provided to the delegation by appreciating the charm of digital printing products, especially the visual and motional Augmented Reality (AR) effects. Last but not least, Mr. Du led the delegation to visit Centre of Spring Cultural Innovation Development (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. as well as introduced cultural products.

    The purpose of the visit is to enhance the communication and promote friendliness in printing industry. The Vice Chairmen of HKPIWU, Mr. LOK Wai-ho, gave a souvenir to CCGD.

    The Vice Chairmen of HKPIWU, Mr. LOK Wai-ho, visited the showroom in Digital Printing Centre

    Introducing the history, development and direction of C & C

    The delegation of HKPIWU with CCGD’s colleague

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