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    Training for production and operation supervisors - Quick Response Manufacturing

    Recently, many printing companies are still adopting mass production. It is not able to fulfill the demand in fast-changing market. The higher the market demand, the higher the cost. At the same time, printing companies are facing the price competition. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is key management concept for the printing companies to enhance the competitiveness.

    In 2016, C & C Security Printing Co., Ltd. and C & C Joint Printing Co., (Guangdong) Ltd. sent out 7 production and operation supervisors in total to attend the training course regarding applying Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM), organized by The Hong Kong Printers Association (HKPA) and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC). Those students studied concept of QRM and learn how to apply QRM in the daily work. QRM is also an approach to manufacturing which emphasizes the beneficial effect of: reducing non-value-added lead time without any extra resources, giving a quick response to the customers, handling small batch and large variety of designs. 

    Students in 1st training class

    Students in 2nd training class

    A sharing session of Quick Response Manufacturing for printing industry was held in Wan Chai on 20th February, 2017. Expertise from HKPC and representatives of relevance companies were invited to share the learning and applying QRM experiences. During the session, a certificate, issued by The Hong Kong Printers Association and Hong Kong Productivity Council, was given to the student who finished the QRM training course. A new book, Application tips of Quick Response Manufacturing, was distributed to the attendees. It aimed to enhance the production performance in printing industry.

    Sharing session of Quick Response Manufacturing

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