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    Security Printing

    Safety, Confidentiality, Quality and Efficiency


    "Safety, Confidentiality, Quality and Efficiency" is our quality policy and also our pledge to our customers. We continue to improve our security standard and refine our system. Through the implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, we strive to ensure a perfect printing process that meets our customers' expectations. Apart from providing excellent service to our customers, we also undertake the social responsibility to our staff and environment by implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Health and Work Safety Management System. Security Printing is an important arm of the C&C group, and we are well recognized for the diversify of our products, excellent quality and professionalism.E-banking, information technology and the Internet have greatly changed the demand for traditional paper-based security products. To meet the challenges in the future, we invest in the research and development of new processes, technologies and equipments. We also provide different value-added services to our customers to help them expand their market.

    World-Class Quality Management

                        The Security Control room of CCSP

    In 1996, C&C was commissioned to print the passports of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and in 1999, the passports and travel documents of the Macau Special Administrative Region. With our world-class anti-forgery techniques and security performance, we have won the applause of the immigration officials of many countries, testifying to the high quality of production and security standard and meeting the requirements of IATA. C & C security printing is the first security printer (both Hong Kong and PRC) obtain the CSP certificate from INTERGRAF. The certification scheme aims at providing security printers with well established criteria to help them implement the most efficient and secure management system and to certify their compliance to the criteria through a precise auditing process.

    High Security System

    C&C is equipped with an advanced security system incorporating 24-hour closed-circuit televisions, double door coded locks, dactylogram recognition system and infrared monitoring system, all operated by highly trained staff. In the aspect of security design, we have the most advanced antiforgery design system with high resolution printing output. Special papers and inks are used in many products and are monitored by dedicated staff for both quality and quantity. Wastage and overruns are properly shredded. Meanwhile, inventories are guarded under multiple security. We have our own fleet to deliver the products to the hands of our customers to ensure safety.

    One-Stop Service

    Direct mailing service is one of the all-around printing services offered by C&C. We take care of both the printing and the personalization, as well as the fulf illment. This spares our clients the chore of mailing and can achieve the aim of one-to-one marketing. Our direct mailing service encompasses all types of monthly statements and personalized promotional materials. Logistics service is composed of security warehouse management, reprint control and logistics distribution. We can provide management data files to the customers based on their needs, such as calculating the profit and loss situation of a cost center or actual demand of products etc. Logistics services also include general printing, commercial printing, mortgage documents and insurance contract storage.

    Financial Printing

    In recent years, CCSP has actively engaged in general commercial printing services such as financial printing, share certificate printing, direct mailing and logistics service. Thanks to traditional printing and advanced digital technology, we can offer on-demand and JIT printing services including:

    1. Annual Report Printing: This is a fast and high-quality printing service incorporating traditional printing techniques with computer-to-plate technology.

    2. Researching report and prospectus printing: We provide fast and flexible print- on-demand services, with delivery completed several hours after receipt of data.

    Diversification of Security Products

    Our security product lines are very diversified.They include various financial documents and confidential printed products such as passports, checkbooks, passbooks, gift vouchers, cashier's orders, lottery tickets and travel documents as well as annual reports, letter of credit, computer forms, promotion materials, logistics services, data management, digital printing and direct mail services etc.

    Digital Workflow for Security Printing

    In 1998, C&C became one of the few Hong Kong companies licensed to print share certificates, warrants, dividend slips, stock application forms, etc. By means of high-speed single-color digital presses and full-color digital printing lines, CCSP is capable of providing annual report printing, and also financial report, research report and prospectus printing services. In addition, CCSP can provide fast and flexible print-on-demand printing services in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing through our internal network.

    The Card Center

                Card sample                                                     Plastic card laminator


    C&C set up a card center in 1994 and introduced a range of advanced equipment to print bank cards, telephone cards, medical cards and security labels. We are also a certified supplier for credit card embossing, personalization and direct mail services for Visa and Mastercard In 1999, with the popularization of multi-purpose electronic money, C&C introduced a chip-card production line with laser-engraving capability. This enables us to produce highquality smart cards, such as the stored-value telephone cards, parking cards, as well as contact or contactless IC cards.