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    C&C Products

    Spring Innovative Workshop

    The 21st century is a brave new world of information technology. IT is the major factor affecting our reading habit and the pattern of culture communication, and the traditional labor-intensive printing industry is under a great challenge. A modern printing company should improve its services and establish its own brand by use of imagination and creativity to create more business opportunities.


    Spring Innovative Workshop Co., Ltd., a member company of C&C Joint Printing Co.(H.K.) Ltd. was established in April 2011, focusing on the development of stationary and paper products. The company’s two brands, MiSpook and Microland targets different customer groups with different products and design. The products of MiSpook are specially designed for executives and management with practical functions and professional design. Microland, on the other hand, is for the younger generation.


    Please visit here to get to know more about Spring Innovative Workshop products.