C&C Customer Satisfaction Survey Form
C & C Security Printing Co.,Ltd.—Customer Satisfaction Survey Form
Company name 公司名稱
Customer name 顧客姓名
Tel / Fax 電話 / 傳真           Sales Executive 營業代表     
E-mail 電郵
Category of order訂單類別
The Best The Worst
1. Customer Service客戶服務 10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1  N/A Remark
Response time of quotation報價回應時間(以3日內)
Technical problem handling技術問題處理
Handling complaint處理客戶投訴
Response time回應時間(電郵、電話)
Ease of contact接觸容易度
Visit frequency到訪客戶頻率
Staff courtesy員工禮貌
Capability for emergency handling應變能力
Disaster contingency plan災難應變安排
2. Product Quality產品質素
Fulfill spec. requirement符合規格要求
Overall workmanship整體質量
Production schedule生產週期
Range of product產品種類
Product security and reliability產品安全及可靠性
Security Design and anti-forgery standard 安全防偽設計水平
Timely and accurate delivery付運準時及妥當
3. Overall Performance整體表現
Meet customer's expectation達致客戶期望
4. Others其他 
Appropriate choices of recycled paper to choose from能提供適合的環保紙種類以供選擇
Do you know C&C qualified ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
是否了解C&C 已考取ISO 27001 資訊安全管理系統
Do you need provide FSC or ISO 27001 business support?是否需要FSC 或ISO 27001相關業務支援?
5. Benchmarking against other major vendors對比其他同類產品供應商
Product Quality產品質量
Timely and accurate delivery付運準時及妥當
What other expected services / products could be provided by C&C貴司希望我司能提供的其他服務/產品


1. This customer survey is to collect your valuable comments on our services and quality, aiming for continuous improvement and the ultimate goal to meet and exceed your expectation.

2. Completed questionnaire shall be sent back to our Sales dept. You may click the "Submit" button to return to us.

3. If you need any assistance in filling the survey form, please email to sales@candcprinting.com, or call your sales personnel who is serving on your account.

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